Most lovable Frenchies you will find! They're not a pet, they're family.
Blue LaKe  Frenchies
Blue Lake Frenchies now has 2 locations to pick up your fur baby. Illinois where Blue Lake Frenchies moved to and Michigan where my dog partner lives.
You can help keep your new family member healthy by using Nuvet Vitamins.

Help protect against

Skin and coat problems
Scratching, itching,biting,Hot spots
Arthritis and joint problems
Premature aging low energy levels
Diabetes and liver problems
Cataracts and tumors
Digestive problems, tearing

Note This product is Not available to the general public without an Order Code supplied by your Pet Professional.

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Why give you pet daily vitamins?
Remember,Optimal Health comes from a lifestyle Not a quick fix!
Do you want to improve your chances of less medical bills & heartbreak? These vitamins are an exellent prevenative